Amidst the turmoil and commotion that fills our every waking moment, take the time to remember the things that are truly important in life.

Always remember that however bad things seem there are many others that are in far worse situations and- even sadder Ė some of them probably donít even know it.

True friends are few and far between, and friendship can best be measured in times of stress or trouble, is given freely with no price, and promotes a feeling of security and support that can be surpassed by few others.

Everyone has the potential for love. Some have many small loves, the lucky ones are blessed with one true love that if shared and nurtured can produce a level of personal fulfilment that is special to behold. Be honest in love. Even if others are not honest in return at least you are true to yourself, and that brings its own rewards.

Despite the hatred and destruction, greed and despair that is broadcast from every conceivable source this is still an amazing time to be alive and as long as we do not lose hope for ourselves and compassion for the plight of others then all is not lost.

Do not let duplicity and sham become the expected norm. If this happens then many of the true qualities that people strive for will go unnoticed and become lost in the sea of cynicism. Those of you that feel driven, who have not yet found that intangible something that will fulfil your existence, keep searching. Things turn up just at the point you would least expect, and can turn a bad time into a good on as easily as flicking a switch. And remember, trite or not, it is only possible to really appreciate the good times if you have experienced less fortunate moments that truly show you the difference.

Take life easily in small bitesize chunks. If you try and take in or do everything at once you may miss much of the important detail that makes life worthwhile. Everyone you meet has something of value that they can offer, you just need to take the time to find it.

Try and leave things at least as healthy as you found them. That way there is hope for our distant decendants who will also live in amazing times and who will be also striving for their own goals. Goals that will be so different and yet so similar to those we set ourselves today.

Above all else be happy with who you are. Otherwise you may spend a lifetime searching for something that you did not realise you already had.

And Believe. In yourself, your friends and everything you do. You may dismiss the concept of one true god but the one incontrovertible fact is - That is a damn big universe out there. We are a minute proportion of it and if you only consider that for a second it will suddenly put in proportion the problems of the day and maybe help you grasp at the things that can truly give value to this precious gift we call life