Youíre never alone.


In the darkest of moments when your world crashes in

For  some reason beyond your control

When the things that you value are wrenched from your grasp

It just tugs at the core of your soul.

But you need to remember youíre not on your own

There are times when itís better to not be alone

So remember my number and pick up the phone

Too much sorrow will take a high toll.


When youíre close to the edge then the simplest of things

Makes it seem like the worlds at an end

Things have to be dealt with, and challenges met

Itís no help to shut off and pretend

That it all will be fine and work out just OK

Will that problem just vanish, Im sorry to say

That only in films does it happen that way

But the problems seem less with a friend.


But I will ask one thing, theres just something you do

That entrances me every time

Its the simplest of things but has such an effect

Not to do it would be such a crime.

Smile. When you smile you just light up the room

It makes such a difference and lessens the gloom

Your troubles disperse, theres no feeling of doom

And the warmth of your smile is sublime.