Updated 13th January 2010


.Well time to add a little ditty about house moving. We did this recently and all through the process I could not believe how members of the legal system were so “economical with the truth” I did ask the question “why dont you just tell us the real situation so we can make a judgement on what the real timescales are?” I just got told “people wouldnt handle the truth”

And we pay them £300 per hour for that???

“Life” is all about how I try and play things, and “You’re never alone” is just to remind someone that friends are not just there for the good things in life.

“Supreme Being” is to worship a woman who is a legend in her own lunchtime. Managing to combine the  highly attractive characteristics of knowing everything about everything (and selflessly sharing this knowledge) - and incredible self delusion she manages to almost singlehandedly justify misogeny

“Princess”is all about bumping into an old flame 25 years after we lost touch. She’s doing the “happy ever after” thing now but still has that same spark after all these years.

And “England fan” was just one of those moments when different words lent themselves so nicely to a tune that was on every radio at the time!

(Thank you Sandi Thom)


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