Hello Again


With a smile I can acknowledge that the hand of fate which can so often deal setback and dismay can occasionally throw in the most delightful bonus. There have been many times when my dark Princess has invaded my thoughts, but only as memories of shared moments, stolen kisses and animated exchanges that would inevitably end in either a warm embrace or that smouldering gaze that I can remember with such vivid clarity, closely followed by a strutted departure and no looking back, well – perhaps the smallest of glances.

 The sparring of youth, perhaps preparing us for whatever ordeals that the future may hold.

 Then across the mists of time, like a thunderbolt suddenly illuminating an otherwise dull spring  morning she says 

 “Hello, remember me?”

 Of course I do. The memories awake again. A sea of conflicting emotions.

 Attracted, intrigued, amused - all of those definitely. Then throw in infuriated and exasperated from time to time, and occasionally baffled by my sultry woman-child.

 But always attracted.

 And now, years later, the same turbulence is stirred. The same sparring is picked up as though the gulf had been minutes and not decades. Suddenly feeling sixteen again is something that neither one was expecting and yet however stupid it seems, there is still a warm glow that won’t go away.

 We both have our own little worlds, centres apart, but touching again at last. I know that even if we lost touch again tomorrow my world is and will remain richer for knowing that my dark princess is out there and still thinks fondly of me from time to time.